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A new venture focused on well-being

Earlier this year, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Knack team reflected on the importance of well-being. “It became obvious that COVID-19 was having a heavy impact on well-being. Individuals and organizations were grappling to reorganize their lives and overcome the major disruptions happening at home and at work”. What stood out is that suggested changes to daily routines were well-meaning, albeit generic,: “Walk every day. Eat more fruit”.

The team behind Quan

We noticed there was a lack of understanding about the underlying causes for reduced well-being, and no assessments which could easily measure this. Typical corporate engagement surveys address well-being in the context of work. However, since COVID-19, the lines have been blurred between our personal lives and our work lives.

This spurred Knack to connect with a group of experts, including a number of psychologists and therapists from around the world, to develop a well-being assessment focused on an individual’s well-being across their personal and work lives.

“Although, doing an assessment and understanding where you can improve well-being is an important first step – it is not enough to drive behavioural change.”

We at Knack have been working for the past few months to develop a holistic learning and development platform which brings together an assessment, personalised insights and tailored interventions – delivered by experts from both the science and practice fields.

“We don’t believe in generic advice or solutions – this is why we work with people who have studied and practiced specific topics related to well-being. Our job is to deliver these insights and interventions in a way that helps improve both self-awareness and self-care.”

In our next blog post, Emile Jeuken, Doctor of Philosophy, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, talks through how Knack’s definition of well-being is based on research and scientific knowledge.